About us

Hi my name is Mick,

But since you’ve visited my website, I now consider you my friend you can call me Mad Mick. I would like to welcome you to the first FLAIR cocktail bar in The Netherlands, The Mad Micks Breakaway Café.

I have proudly opened the Breakaway Café in December 1993, and I have no intention of leaving. Here in my bar it’s all about cocktails, flair, beers, burgers, playing pool and having a laugh while doing so. In the Breakaway Café we try to give you a hospitality experience you deserve, with some good old music in the background and some entertainment while we serve. Each one of my employees are trained to be a professional and to serve all your needs. At the Breakaway we don’t just serve cocktails or burgers we serve an experience and the star of the show is you ,our guest.

Our cocktail menu consist of 100 different cocktails, classic cocktails, twist on classic cocktails, modern classics and signatures cocktails. So if you’re ever in the neighborhood drop by and treat yourself to an cocktail and burger, you won’t regret it!

Your favorite bartender,

Mad Mick


Cocktail Workshops

1 september 2017

Cocktail Workshops

Altijd al een cocktail bartender willen worden en lekkere cocktails leren maken? Kom gezellig onze workshops volgen. In 1,5 [...]

Wanna have lunch with me?

29 augustus 2017

Wanna have lunch with me?

Second lunch dish 50% off! #lunchwithMick

Battle of the Drunks

19 juli 2017

Battle of the Drunks

MAD Mick presents MY ANNUAL: Battle of the Drunks! Specials on cocktails and shots! Don't forget our special [...]

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